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Week 10 Free writing

I found Web 2.0 tools really turning the world tegother by working in individually and sharing tegother. this trends can lead human back to sharing and giving times long long ago. especially wikipedia. this is a miracle. after all these years, human still have it deep inside: to contribute for a same thing and ask … Continue reading

Week 9 Activities

AMD using Blogs to comunicate with publics and publish new results. cisco has different official/unofficial twitters get tegother listed out in http://blogs.cisco.com/news/comments/all_the_news_thats_fit_to_tweet_cisco so information can be shared and used in time. especially can improve the discoverage of useful information and useful people.

week8 activities, wiki usage in enterproises

“wiki” means “fast” and “hurry” in Hawaiian. As the name means, Wiki are used by enterprises for its “fast” and “quick” in information sharing. examples of wiki use in enterprise/Govs: Government 2.0 – Best Practices Wiki – this wiki pages listed the Web2.0 tools used within Australia Government. blogs and Twitters are used to increase … Continue reading

Week 7 activity

In china some entertainment companies are using blogs to make their stars more popular. however, the stars’ blogs never been touched or edited by themselves. Google’s official blog are posting their new apdates, activities, news and how are they doing in developing new softwares. it made Google become more close to the public.( http://googleblog.blogspot.com/ )

week 5 some legal risks of E2 in Blizzard Etertainment Inc.

A blog still posting personal information of staffs and users of Blizzard Inc. (http://www.ocregister.com/articles/real-257363-blizzard-people.html) including information such as address, phone number, DoB etc. This is one kind of loss of confidential information. Same post has been seen on (http://daeity.posterous.com/tag/activisionblizzardhiddensecretswowaccounthackedunauthorizedauthenticator) that says Blizzard Entertainment Inc. client information database got hacked and user information got spread out … Continue reading

Week 4 activity

in Angel.com (MicroStrategy) case study (https://www.socialtext.net/cases2/index.cgi?angel_com_microstrategy_case_study), E2 technologies(Socialtext) helped angel.com improve productivities and company reputation by implementing helpful Web2 technologies. The wiki page provided them a more efficient way to communicate and share information then email they used to use. And by extending wikis to their partners and customers, they increased their reputations.(I will post … Continue reading

Activity Week 3

First, I’m not very sure about what is “personal productivity”. I’m wondering if that the speed u finish your assignment is one kind of “personal productivity”. Anyway, Web 2.0 tools are definitely been very useful. I can keep my friends closer and have an idea of whats in someone’s mind at this moment if he/she … Continue reading

personal view in SLATES

WEB 2.0 technologies provide the net users 6 useful approaches to take when they want to gether information obtain information use information send information share information and many other actions they want to do with all kinds of information SLATES are Search, Link, Authoring, Tags, Extensions, Signals Search and Link provide a possible way for … Continue reading


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